Is Thanksgiving Bad? National Day of Mourning

Thanksgiving has been a time in many people's lives of which family comes together to celebrate their thankfulness by eating tons of food, and possibly watching football. America.

What some people do not know is the actual history behind Thanksgiving. Our classrooms, since elementary grades, are filled with one sided point of views that are used to express facts instead of opinions, which has caused a huge hysteria in our education today. Instead of finding thanks for the history through a colonizers eyes, indigenous people mourn over their own homes being stolen and trust being broken.

Is Thanksgiving bad? That's the big question. Some may say the current style of celebration is not all bad. The day itself has become a holiday in which people find and acknowledge their gratefulness for what we have in such stressful times. It seems as though the current day we celebrate has no relationship to the first harvest feast.

Should we stop celebrating it? In many opinions, Thanksgiving should continue to be celebrated, but changes must happen. On this day, families should continue to express gratitude and reflect; reflect on the uneducated past, on the many people's who have sacrificed their life for this very land that you now call home. People of all color should reflect on our poor education system and find ways to educate themselves and help educate others.

Some states in America have taken upon themselves to create a more accurate tribal history curriculum. This curriculum is to be taught from K-11 in 2021. This will allow children of our future to be educated past the myths and stories told by colonizers. Encouraging and aiding teachers to teach about the holiday in a socially responsible and culturally responsive way, will help ensure Thanksgiving is celebrated with open hearts, accurate history, and a time to come together to find gratitude and mourn together. This Thanksgiving, use some extra time to educate yourself and your family before sitting down for that yummy turkey and yams.

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