Millennials are Raising Children Differently, and it is Probably for the Best

The topic of having children for millennials can be a touchy subject.... for others. Half of millennials have their mind set on having no children. For Boomers and Gen X, who have grown families with the ability to live off of one income, this reality can seem quite absurd. But for millennials who have completed 4+ years at college, received a bachelors or masters degree, and still can't seem to financially leave their parents home, who can blame them?

For the millennials who became parents themselves, their styles of parenting have changed, possibly for the better. Favoring emotionally responsive ways, young adults have been altering the way they interact and speak with their children, including building trust, respect, and a creating safe environments. Who would have thought respecting your child can also help them respect you as the parent?! Crazy, I know.

If you ask any young adult about their childhood, chances are they have gained anxiety, depression, or some other mental illness from traumas created by the adults in their life. We can't put the whole blame on Gen X. They had to grow up with Boomers raising them. It's a tough life, we know. Fortunately, many millennials have taken time to reflect, regrow, and rediscover a new ideology of raising a child with a more healthier lifestyle.

How does one parent with an emo

Emotionally responsive mindset, you ask?

Well, it starts with learning how to calm your own emotions.

Raising children is a rollercoaster, let's all be honest. From the never crying infants, to the terrible twos, all the way up until they are teenagers and young adults themselves. Being responsible to teach a young person how to regulate their own emotions, then express the emotions in safe ways, as well as model how to treat others kindly and respectfully is a tough gig when you yourself have never been taught any of this.

We see it way too often today.

Violence Galore.

Yelling, physical violence, slurs thrown every which direction.

Our society is consistently approving the actions of violence and inappropriate behaviors whether they admit it or not. Millennials, quite frankly, seem done with it.

Emotionally responsiveness isn't for the weak, but our society needs it. Thankfully, millennials have taken the first step to ensure the future children will grow to be well rounded, respectful, emotionally stable adults. ….At least the most stable they can in such an unstable world we live in.

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