Spray Painting Safe For Children's Crafts

As parents and teachers alike, crafts can feel as though much repetition is consisting during your day to day art routine. Sometimes, children may become uninterested in arts if they aren't given the chance to explore the arts more. This simple spray painting art allows children to explore fine motor skills as well as improve their eye hand coordination.

Simple Equipment You Will Need:

Spray Bottle

Cheap inexpensive ones can be used, but we found the cheaper the spray bottle, the more likely it was to be clogged more easily than a more durable spray bottle. We had three bottles available at a time. One for each color of use.

Paint colors of choice

We decided to simply use the primary colors, so we could observe the different mixtures to create secondary colors. The process was a success. Watercolors and washable paints are appropriate choices of paints to use.

White Paint

After some trial and error, we found the colors showed up best when white was mixed with it. This worked best especially on the black paper. If your canvas is of a darker shade, please be more aware of this possibility. Colors look a little different after being completely dry.

Canvas of Choice

Although any canvas could work, we used three different colors of paper; brown, black and white. Some other options are cardboard, fabrics, Styrofoam, recyclable boxes, old clothing, plastic or plexiglass. We found using large canvases had the best outcome as we were able to watch the paint drip and mix, creating the beautiful designs of spraying paint.


Water of course helps the dilution of certain paints. Watercolor and washable paints should be mixed with water.


  • Open spray bottles and fill with lukewarm or hot water. The warmer the water, the more helpful it is to dissolve and liquify the washable kids paint. Fill the bottle about 3/4 full.

  • Squeeze one color paint in each spray bottle. Fill up most of the way, leaving some room for white paint. Top off with the white paint.

  • Close bottle and shake vigorously until completely mixed. If left on shelf, be aware some paint may settle at the bottom. Just shake again.

  • If color is too dark, feel free to dump some mixture out and add a little bit more white paint and water.

  • Experiment with the different adjustable spray levels. Each level will create a new design on the paper.

  • Spray and have fun!

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